Just another Saturday

OK, we had a great day today – the weather was gorgeous here in Georgia and our pace was relatively slow.  This morning my precious 6 yr old Jacob became an Orange Belt (at his 10am Karate Graduation) after which he told his dad that he was not going to stop doing Karate because he was “not a quitter”!  And my awesome 9 yr old Joseph became a Brown Belt (at his 12 noon Karate Graduation) – getting really close to black, wow.

Arabella, the most feminine 3 yr old you will ever meet, played “princess” with her mother until they were both sick of pink.  When Jacob and I had a disagreement in the car about whether I would buy him a milkshake with his McDonald’s meal (which he didn’t get, btw), she held both arms out and proclaimed “ok, ok, Mommy and Jacob – stop arguing, it is not good for anybody”.  Love that bossy girl.

 And my lovey little 5 month old Abraham just went with the flow.  I attempted cereal for the second time this morning, but was met with a sour look and a glob of mush that sat on his tongue until it finally worked it’s way down his chin to his bare chest.  A bare chest because his mother stripped him naked before this feeding adventure to avoid the laundry that would no doubt be required if he was fully clothed taking these first bites.  Basically, he prefers to nurse and I’m OK with that.

On a much more somber note, we visited Pop today.  He doesn’t look well at all and although he did manage to tell me he loved me, most of what he spoke during the brief moments he was awake was indecipherable.  I love that sweet man, am blessed to be his granddaughter and will miss him when he is fortunate enough to make it to Heaven. 

It’s now 1am on Sunday morning – waiting for Abe’s feeding then off to bed.  Sleep is definately overrated, right? 


~ by JenEvangelista on March 30, 2008.

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