What’s up with Webkins?

Adorable, yes.  Affordable, relatively.  Addictive, absolutely.  My 6 year old is totally enamored with his webkins, although he only has two (three if you count the one he “kin”napped from his brother).  All he asked Santa for this Christmas was a Spiderman Nintendo game and yep, you guessed it, a Webkin.  The Raccoon to be exact.  Fortunately, Jolly Ole St. Nick came through with the stuffed wonder now known as Coonie.  Yeah, Santa.

As Easter approached, this sweet child asked me if he could ask the Easter Bunny for something.  Well, since the Big Bunny doesn’t usually do alot in our house – a basket with candy, maybe some undies, etc. , my reply was that we simply cannot get in touch with him.  I was, however, curious about the object of his desire.  Well, a turtle Webkin was the only thing on his mind.  Easter sunday brought with it a very thrilled little boy because mommy augmented the candy left by the Peter Cottontail with none other than Shelly – our newest member of the family – a turtle Webkin.

Amazingly, Jacob doesn’t even do the online stuff you can do with these fuzzy sensations, he just loves to cuddle!


BTW, here is Jake with Shelly holding up his other trophy – the front tooth that took weeks of wiggling to finally come out, then was forgotten by the Tooth Fairy that night (but that’s another story).


~ by JenEvangelista on March 30, 2008.

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