Why Blog?

I set up this blog basically as a testing ground.  I was creating a blog for the women of CrossPointe (www.crosspointewomen.com) and am not particularly tech savvy (my excuse is that I’m over 35).  Anyway, I got the other site up and running and ignored this one for a while.  I keep thinking of things I want to remember – about my life, my kids, my church, my work – and have decided that although I feel a bit self-absorbed, I’m going to take a running stab at doing this on occasion.  I’ve never really been a journaler, but love the idea.  I don’t think anyone will be interested in reading my everyday antics (except perhaps my in-laws that live 3000 miles away 🙂 ), but I will at least be able to hold on to a memory or 2 until I find another, more permanent, way to archive them.

That’s it. Be back soon.


~ by JenEvangelista on May 13, 2008.

One Response to “Why Blog?”

  1. Well, you know perfectly well that we will read every word you blog about our four precious grandchildren and their doings. Try to capture as many specific moments and memories as you can, like the lunch with Joseph and the snuggle with Abraham. Years from now those specifics will have faded and you will be left with only the feelings. Make each moment count because each one is a building block in their lives. LOVE the pictures of Arabella in all the shoes!

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