A humble moment

It seems that bedtime around here is a particularly trying time of day.  Although the big boys are MUCH easier to go down than they used to be, they still have their moments.  And let’s don’t even mention Arabella, who spends hours wandering about the house, finding ways to put off that dreaded moment when her 3 year old body simply cannot go any longer and gives in to sleep. My sweet Abe, however, is the exception to this rule (for now 🙂 ).  He gets tired and I make a feeble attempt to retreat to his room alone with him to feed him.  This is rarely an uninterupted moment, but then again, few are.   He then rubs his eyes and I put him in his bed.  He pulls his favorite blanket up, the blanket I bought when I found out our 1st child was a boy, and I don’t usually hear another peep out of him until something in the wee hours of the morning stirs him to decide it’s time to eat again.

Well, tonight after he ate, I held him for a while as he slept.  I actually took about 5 precious minutes and just held him, close and quiet.  He is growing so fast that I know the time is soon coming when he will not be still enough to lay in my arms, then soon after, he will be too big to nestle on my chest.  I know that because I see evidence of it in my three other angels.  This was just five minutes, but they stirred in me those warm feelings that can only come from holding your baby – that remind you that moments are important, that our brief time together must be cherished.  The tingling that reminds us of what a priceless gift from God we have been given, even if just for a short while.  The emotion that causes tears to begin to burn in our eyes, completely involuntarily and not altogether welcome.  A humble moment in a mother’s heart.  That is what I had with my Abraham tonight. 


~ by JenEvangelista on May 20, 2008.

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