Is he really growing up that fast?

Ok, I had another mom moment today, this time with my oldest son, Joseph.  They had a 1/2 day at school today (it’s the last week), but Jacob wanted to stay for extended day b/c they were having a party.  Anyway, Joseph and I went to lunch together – his choice.  First of all, he chose Fuji Japanese steakhouse instead of Burger King, which, in and of itself, speaks volumes to his development.  Throughout the meal, he was so pleasant and used the best manners, saying thank you and please to the servers appropriately and maturely.  Now, this is not unusual for him, it just struck a cord with me today. 

When he excused himself to go to the restroom, the tears started to come.  Fortunately, we were at a table with 6 strangers (watching the non-japanese chef providing us with cheap entertainment as he cooked our Japanese meal), so I was forced to keep my emotions in check.  Interestingly, 2 of the strangers were a mother and her son.  The young man looked to be about 18 or so.  I, of course, fast-forwarded a very few years and saw my boy that I used to rock in my arms at night, who now stands only about a foot shorter than me, in that young man’s shoes.  Is he really growing up that fast?

And I also realized that although there are many, many times when my frustration for this son reaches stratospheric levels, by the grace of God, he is growing to be a fine young man & I love him more than I could ever express.


~ by JenEvangelista on May 22, 2008.

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