Proud Parents

Alright, it’s the end of the school year and everyone is doing the awards ceremony thing.  And i realize that there are some great kids out there.  But let’s face it, I have a few of the greatest 🙂 .  At their end of the year festivities, Joseph rec’d the Subject Scholar Award (top avg in class) for Social Science, Math AND Language Arts as well as 1st place in their young writer’s contest – where he had to actually write and illustrate a book.  Brad & I were overwhelmed with pride.

And my precious Jacob rec’d a very special award this year.  The class actually votes for the person that they think most deserves this award.  The award is called the Encourager Award and is for the child that most supports, encourages and exhibits kindness to his classmates, according to them!  We are so proud of him as well for being an all around great kid.

I cannot express how blessed we feel to have been given such wonderful children and we know that God has BIG, BIG things in store for them all.



~ by JenEvangelista on May 25, 2008.

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