I feel like Indiana Jones

 indianajones1l_468x663No, not because I am at all as adventurous & not because I am as stinkin’ cute or rugged as he is (not that that would be particularly attractive on me 🙂 ), but because of the snakes!  Remember Indy’s distaste for (aka fear of) snakes?  UGGG, I’m living it.

 Will Hawk is our new youth pastor and he and his wife, Karen Anne are spending the summer in Mexico on a Mission’s trip.  They asked us to snake-sit for them; actually, if the truth be told, I think Brad offered.  Anyway, mom (me) said “we’ll talk about it later”, which should have been translated to mean “no way, not in my house”.  Well, a couple of weeks later – yep, you guessed it, the snake appeared, ready to crush and swallow whole it’s once a month live mouse meal.  AHHH!  Unfortunately, the boys and Arabella are all pretty cool with it and Joseph has found a friend in the little reptile. 

Mom is trying to gain appreciation for it as I know God created it and I realize all the great things snakes do in nature.  And I also, with my fairly intelligent brain, realize that it cannot really, really hurt me even if I did lose my mind long enough to handle it.  It’s just the thought, really – a snake in my basement 😮 !  I’m with you, Indy!



~ by JenEvangelista on May 31, 2008.

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