Memories of a Sunday Afternoon Nap

I love a good nap, especially when it’s a “get on your comfy clothes-climb under the covers-rain out the window-sunday afternoon” kind of nap.  That’s what I was headed for today.  I put Abraham down after lunch, Brad was kind enough to chill in front of the TV in the Family room, instead of our bedroom where I know he would have preferred to have been and I left every other child doing fairly quiet things, giving them all warning that I would be laying down for a while & did not want to be interrupted for anything short of loss of life or limb.  Over the next hour and 15 mins I laid in vain, pretending that each distraction was not going to prevent my blissfull experience.  Difficult, to say the least, as here’s what I heard:

  • blood curdling scream from Arabella as she was apparently pushed off the bed upstairs by Jacob
  • Joseph ransacking my bedroom in search of a nintendo DS game
  • Bella quietly shaking me to ask if we could paint “after I wake up”
  • Jacob refuting the above mentioned charges by his sister
  • Abraham’s stirrings on the monitor from all the activity
  • Joseph coming in to ask if he could make some money selling some of his old gameboy games on EBAY
  • Jacob coming in to ask if I could buy him a toy off of EBAY (in his defense, it was a rare item not found at ToyRUs and I had already researched the possibilities of getting it on EBAY for him with his bday money)
  • Arabella dragging a wooden chair down the hardwood floor hall in front of my room, singing at the top of her lungs about the painting that she is anticipating “when I wake up”.
  • Finally, Abraham is awake

I know that one day when my kids are teenagers and wanting to spend every waking moment anywhere but home, and one day when they are gone from the nest I will miss this zoo.  But for now, I miss my Sunday Afternoon Naps.


~ by JenEvangelista on June 1, 2008.

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