It’s a Playdate

Because I don’t think four kids in the house is quite enough, we had a playdate with the Howell girls today – Lauren, Abby, and Leah!  Everyone had a great time and the kids were awesome (really, I’m serious).   Truth be told, it is really nice having friends over in the summer – gets my kids moving.  The interesting thing is the assortment of things they did.  Childhood is so great that way.

From frying bugs and leaves in the yard with a magnifying glass (does every single kid do this or what?)….

To playing pretend with Little Ponies, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and barbies

To turning our bed (“because it is the biggest”) into a community hospital bed where several patients were treated at once….

To playing with the snake (see Indy post)…

To raiding Bella’s make-up case, turning the little girls into princesses and Jacob into a warrior…

To playing Nintendogs on the DS, swinging on the tire swing outside, watching Sponge Bob, snacking at every turn, and simply “striking a pose” …


You’ve gotta love childhood!


~ by JenEvangelista on June 4, 2008.

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