Bonding Opportunities

I am such a lucky mom.  Brad is in California with the Joe and Jake visiting Grandpa and Grandy and I have had the beautiful opportunity to bond, individually, with my two youngest children.  Arabella and I connected last night until midnight, because she had been so tired from her previous night’s escapades that she took a nap yesterday prior to my arrival home.  Then Abraham had some Mommy  Time at 2am, and although he did get back to sleep after about half an hour, he was up at 5am ready to take on the new day.  We spent quality time together this morning until his sister awakened at seven.  Don’t worry, though, he was ready to nap by 8:30 or so, just in time for Arabella and I to share more one on one time with her Disney princesses and Dora castle.

When I slump with fatigue and struggle with patience, my saving thought is that it is my day off from work and at least my sleep deprived mind is not affecting my job – today.  It is only affecting my parenting.  My other salvation is the realization that regardless of my frustrations and despite my aching head, there is truly no place I’d rather be right now and I love my children more than words could ever express.  I also know that one day sleep will come. 


~ by JenEvangelista on June 18, 2008.

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