They’re Baaaaaack

Midnight, Monday night.  Joseph and Jacob arrived from California about an hour earlier and had been recounting their trip event by event, showing no signs of slowing since their bodies were still on West Coast time.  Arabella tried so hard to stay awake to see them, but fell asleep on the couch 10 minutes prior to their arrival – only to awaken at the noise, refreshed after her catnap.  Abraham was in bed hours before, but like any good baby brother decided to get up and get in the middle of the excitement as well. 

So, it was midnight and I was sitting at my kitchen table, holding a tired baby in my arms, amazed at the stamina of a princess shoe-wearing 3 year old, somewhat intrigued by the rapidity of the destruction of my living room, and surrounded by more noise than most homes experience in the middle of any given day. 

And I couldn’t help but smile as I soaked up the joy that is my family.


~ by JenEvangelista on July 3, 2008.

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