This was screenprinted on several T-shirts donned by our team as we traveled home from an awesome journey in the middle of the night a couple of days ago and is a great reflection of our trip.  30 men and women from CrossPointe made the decision to take a week of vacation and leave their families for a 9 day excursion to a tiny country in Central America. 


One of the scheduled tasks was to work on a local church in Orange Walk, Belize – painting, putting up concrete walls and building furniture for a new Christian Kinder (Preschool).  As it turned out, our construction team did much more.  They raised large (and extremely heavy) steel beams as well, preparing the building for an eventual 2nd floor.  This was a huge undertaking, wasn’t on the original agenda, and was tackled with incredible grace and skill. 

I was amazed at the men who had more knowledge about construction than I will ever have in the my little pinky nail.  Daniel Hord, Jamie Herndon, and Jarrod & Jarrod Yasenchok in particular were strong men and strong leaders. 

 I was also amazed beyond belief at those many men and women who came to the site “unskilled in all things construction”, but so willing to do whatever was needed.  Jason Branch, Samantha Lineback, Jeremy Orlich, Bob Rosa, Springer Cain, Bruce and Lucy Jones, Jarvis Wright, Bob Ornowski, Brandon Barnes, Chris Ferguson, Sonny Howell, and Michael Cox had backgrounds ranging from law to sales to teaching to banking to real estate.  Yet all of these folks pulled together to sacrifice back muscles, fingertips and cleanliness to work like they were born for manual labor. 

Our other goal in this venture was to offer a medical clinic as a ministry to the local people of Orange Walk and a beacon for the church.  That, too, was a success.  Frank Saucier, Rich Stephens and myself were the physicians and were surrounded by an awesome group of servants.  Laura Susan Cain stepped up on her 1st trip in one of the most difficult roles on the team – leading the pharmacy.  She was fantastic and everything was well orgainized and well run.  Melanie Ornowski, Claire Herndon, and Michelle Saucier were trained in Pharmacy 101 and did an outstanding job. 

Tanna Katz, Christy Saucier kept all the people moving in the right direction, Elayne Saucier put her PT skills to good use and helped in many, many other ways; and Stephanie Raborn was a tremendous blessing, entertaining the children as they waited.   They each showed such love to the people of Orange Walk that I know they had to see Christ in them.

We even had a “beautification area” where Sonya Ferguson offered a much desired and well received service – Free Hair Cuts!  This is also the area of the occasional face painting and nail salon.

 We ministered to over 700 patients in the 4 1/2 days of the clinic and I pray that we planted seeds that although we may never see the fruits of, God will use for his Glory.

And, of course, my sweetie ran the trip with the patience and efficiency we have all come to expect.  We were blessed to reconnect with  Jay Dickerson, a missionary we have come to love and respect over the years (missed you, Nancy).   I’m so proud to be by Brad’s side and love to be a part of all that God is calling him to do.

I can’t wait to share more stories, but suffice it to say for now that Belize is a beautiful country, with widespread poverty and a wonderful people just as in need of a saviour as all of us.

~ by JenEvangelista on July 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Un-Belize-able”

  1. Wow, sounds like you all did even more than anyone though possible. The pictures don’t show anyone “sleeping on the job,” that’s for sure. You all were such a blessing to the people of Orange Walk. And,I’m glad you’re all home safe.

  2. The blessing returned to us manyfold in the unity and joy of being with 29 other folks who loved God and set aside time to be His instrument. Imagine if we could actually do that each and every day…

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