Brad’s Color Inspiration

This are the before and after pics of the church we were ministering out of in Belize.  It started as a concrete box and by the end of the week had interior steel supports raised, divider walls built to create classrooms, new furniture (lots of new furniture) crafted and fresh paint applied inside and out.  The interior was a lovely Apricot pink and the exterior was Spearmint Green.  It actually looked really nice and not only fit in perfectly with other Belizian real estate, but was the bright spot of the entire area. 

This color splash is, in my opinion, what got Brad’s juices flowing and why we are now sporting new colors in our living room and dining room a mere 8 days after returning.   Bottom line –  I LOVE our makeover & have been bitten by the home improvement bug.  Thank you, Iglesia Cristiana Josua, for the inspiration. 

Thank you, also, Brad for allowing us to choose Oyster Shell (aka dark taupe) …

and Smoke Screen (aka grayish blue)…

instead of the Spearmint Green and Apricot you were eyeing 🙂 !

~ by JenEvangelista on July 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Brad’s Color Inspiration”

  1. That spearmint is the color of my (now Hollie’s) office, and he made fun of it when we picked it. How ironic!

  2. So funny! Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Spearmint (and Apricot) – just not all over my living room and in that combination.

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