I hate it when I lose it!

OK, today  is the big Madonna Portrait Day – see previous post.  I had everything timed beautifully and Abraham went down for his nap on schedule at 9:00am precisely. My mother called as I was headed for the shower.  Knowing I was well ahead of schedule,  I decided to clear the breakfast dishes as I casually  chatted with her.  Then, from the bowels of the house (namely my bedroom) I heard the death defying screams.  Apparently, as I learned later, Jacob came into the room and had to audacity to turn the volume up on the TV show Arabella was watching – this prompted her 3 year old mind to melt down and turn the holy box off.  Of course, her action was met with a bit of resistence from her 7 year old brother and the fighting and screaming commenced.

I ran like the wind down the hall toward the action with coffee in one hand, spilling it as I went, and telephone in the other (because apparently I felt it would have been more rude to excuse myself quickly from the conversation than to yell like a banshee into my mother’s unsuspecting ears).  The biggest problem with this argument between siblings was the fact that Abraham’s room sits just across the non-soundproof hallway and as I passed his door, I heard the dreaded crying of a baby suddenly awakened from slumber, 17 minutes into a nap.


That’s when I lost it.  I’m not proud about it.  And I do know that screaming at your children, especially for something as relatively minor as interrupting naptime is pointless and only leads to more strife – I really do know that.  After my tirade, I spent the next 5 minutes calming down, then 15 minutes apologizing to Jake and Bella, then the next hour trying to get Abe back down – unsuccessfully, I might add.

I finally had to jump into the shower and get ready since, as mentioned before, I was also to be in front of the camera.  I showered to the background noise of a tired, crying baby and thought about how red & puffy his eyes were getting.  Never mind the fact that I shed a tear or 2 from frustration, then remorse.  At some point during this getting ready process, my sweet babysitter arrived and I scurried to get myself and Abraham in the car.

The good news.  Abe took a 20 minute power nap in the car and performed like a professional at the Studio.  Most of the pics include me holding his hands, however, because if I let them go, they immediately migrated to his eyes or teething mouth.  I really want the end result of this pricey excursion to be good, but more than anything I’m just relieved it is over!

And overall, I’m glad I did it – they really are only babies once and I know far too well how quickly they grow.  I cherish every snuggle captured on film.

Hug captured, April 2008

Hug captured, April 2008

~ by JenEvangelista on July 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “I hate it when I lose it!”

  1. Hi Jennifer! I love your blog… I laugh out loud regularly. But I don’t think I’ll ever hear the word “Banshee” the same after Frank’s diagnosis 🙂
    However, I did just google Banshee, and it appears it comes from Ireland, not Native Americans as we had guessed… bummer!

  2. OK, you are right about the banshee thing, but this definition from dictionary.com may still fit in this situation..

    ban·shee – noun (in Irish folklore) a spirit in the form of a wailing woman who appears to or is heard by members of a family as a sign that one of them is about to die.

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