I’ll never complain about laundry again

OK, I probably will – but I have absolutely no right to.  Across from our hotel in Belize, I watched as a woman washed her family’s clothes in a large bucket on her rooftop and hung them out to dry, every day, in 100% humidity.

Although this sight did in a small way cause me to question my complaints, a woman I met later in the week verified that my I am unjustified in grumbling about an overabundance of clothing to be washed in a front loading washer with the detergent of my choosing and dried in a front loading dryer that, while often requiring 2 cycles, is indeed located in my home and does its job well.

This is Elizabeth with 2 of her 4 children.

This is their home that I happened upon as I was walking a short distance from the church one afternoon in Orange Walk, Belize.

This is their kitchen out behind the home.

And this is where she does her laundry. 

Note the paint bucket to the right of the table.  These were lined in front of her home to catch the rain water from the flat roof.  Rain water that served as water not only for laundry and bathing, such as it was, but also for drinking water.  I recognize that this is an extreme situation but it was enough to increase greatly my appreciation for even the most basic staples of my life – not only my washer, dryer and the clothes that I grudgingly feed into them on a regular basis,  but my entire home complete with running water, indoor plumbing, A/C, heat, and electricity. 

I thank my God that I have been so blessed, and I pray for Elizabeth and her family today.


~ by JenEvangelista on July 31, 2008.

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