Saying Goodbye (for now)


 It’s difficult to say good-bye to good friends, but I take great comfort in the fact that I know that God has his hand on this couple and these folks are destined to do great things for the Kingdom.  In fact, they already have!

Jarvis and Kimberly Wright have been such a blessing to CrossPointe and to Brad and me.  Jarvis is a solid spiritual leader and a “tall drink of water” as Brad likes to call him.  He has been an integral part in the behind the scenes workings of the church since the moment they arrived it seems and will be missed tremendously. 

Kimberly was just a flat out answer to prayer.  In the earlier days of CrossPointe the administrative details fell on the shoulders of a group of people that had a heart for ministry, but just simply weren’t all that gifted in that area (I’m including myself in that group 🙂 ).  She was a breath of fresh air as we watched as things just seemed to “happen”.  She was organized and kept Brad in line at the office, while continually impressing him – which I can attest to after 14 years of marraige is not super easy to do.  She and Jarvis made a financial sacrifice for her to work for CrossPointe and I hope they realize how much we appreciate them for it. 

So to Jarvis and Kimberly – We’ll miss your smiles, your servant’s hearts and your friendship.  We love you, and no matter where life leads any of us- you have made a difference and will continue to as you walk in the path God lays before you.  AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE PART OF THE TRIBE!




~ by JenEvangelista on August 4, 2008.

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