Two little letters make all the difference

When Jacob was in Kgarten, he fell and busted his head open.  It was actually only a minor laceration requiring Dermabond (affectionately referred to around here as “doctor glue”).  Due to the location of the injury, however, the volume of blood seemed to be overwhelming and the terror of the massive extravasation of his intravascular contents was much more traumatizing than the actual wound. 

Two years before, Joseph had also had a bleeding head injury – due to pulling on his Christmas stocking and the unwise decision on my part to hang said stocking with heavy (albeit adorable) ceramic stocking holders.  He required a couple of staples and had it not been 9pm on Friday night and had I not been on bedrest at the time, the incident would have definately been put in the “minor” category.  All I can say is God was gracious to us because my partner was our neighbor at the time and he has 4 boys so he totally understood.

Interestingly, Brad had also had a laceration on the back of his noggin as a boy inflicted by his older brother, prompting his father to carry him over the border to Mexico for repair by a local barber.  I’m still in awe over that particular decision!  What faith that man displayed!

Anyway, to calm Jacob on the way to the doctor Brad made a big deal out of Jacob now being in the “Cracked Head Club” like him and his big brother Joseph.  This made him very proud and he relayed this information (somewhat inaccurately) to his teacher and class at school.  We know this because in the Kgarten newsletter a couple of weeks later he was quoted proudly proclaiming that he was now “part of the Crackhead Club, just like his Daddy” 😮 .  We are thrilled!


~ by JenEvangelista on August 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Two little letters make all the difference”

  1. I love your website and especially the story of the cracked head club. I have two boys and I totally get it. My boys ran in the house and hit their noses, and of course lots of blood!!
    Mrs. Howell

  2. Thanks so much – I have a great time doing it and it’s stories like this I just don’t want to forget.

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