Say Uncle

Brad has one brother, Todd and they are a little over 2 1/2 years apart in age.  I think of that often because is the same age difference as Joseph & Jacob.  I hear my boys laughing out loud upstairs or wrestling with each other until someone gets injured and I imagine my husband and his brother doing the same things as children.  I see the way my boys get so angry with one another, yet clearly truly like, love and respect each other at the very heart of things and I can only suppose that there was a similar relationship between Brad and his big brother, Todd growing up.

Actually, I owe a particularly large debt to Todd.  He is the man that God used to point Brad in the direction of the Cross.  Todd was apparently radically saved in College and imparted some of his fervor onto his baby brother by staging an intervention of sorts complete with the offensive line of the NAU football team surrounding a teenaged Brad and confronting him with the gospel as only 300 pound men can do.  (Actually, I’m quite confident it was not nearly that dramatic, but it sounds good in the story 🙂 ).  The bottom line is that because of the testimony of an older brother, an 18 year old Brad started a lifetime journey with Christ.  Thank you, Todd.

So why am I reflecting on my brother-in-law who resides in El Centro, California with his wife Raquel and 2 beautiful girls, Erin & Clarissa and works all over the SouthEast region of the US (that’s another story)?  

Because he paid us a visit this weekend!  He was coming through town and stopped in for a couple of days.  We enjoyed seeing him so much and I was thrilled that my kids got the chance to spend some time with him.  I hate that we are so far away from that part of our family and cherish all the times we do have together. 

Todd was a perfect uncle – playing video games, enduring Arabella’s incessant story-telling, hiking in the mud with them, picking up the check at Joseph’s birthday lunch and even babysitting ALL FOUR for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon when Brad & I had a last minute commitment (I’m pretty sure he didn’t know he was signing up for that one).   We all enjoyed his visit and hope he drops in again if he’s ever close by (maybe he can bring the whole family next time 😉 ). 

Love you, Uncle Todd

~ by JenEvangelista on August 13, 2008.

One Response to “Say Uncle”

  1. What a blessing! I hate I missed meeting him.

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