Just a little background.  Arabella started dance classes for the 1st time last week (that deserves a whole other post!) and although she was well stocked with her leotard, tights and ballet slippers, her mother was remiss in purchasing her tap shoes – until yesterday.  We took a trip to PayLess and acquired a pair of slick, black, noisy and somewhat destructive (when used incorrectly on our hardwood floors) tap shoes.  She adores them and refuses to part with them.  In fact, she went to bed last night with them firmly placed on her feet.  I removed them when I went to bed so she could be more comfortable – this proved to be my fatal error.


Fast forward to 0400 – some say this is early in the morning, I call it the middle of the night.  I wake to the considerably louder than usual pitter-patter of little feet – stomping across the hardwood hall into our room.  It is, of course, Arabella donning once again her tap shoes and matter-of-factly informing us that they were untied and that she was in need of our assistance.  After the shoes were properly tied, and the bathroom pitstop was completed, she politely asked if she could sleep the rest of the night with her father and me.  I told her it was too early and to ask later – knowing that she would drift back to sleep in her own bed and not wake again til morning.

Well, I underestimated my little night owl, because at approximately 0425, she made the noisy journey once again and asked if enough time had lapsed for her to climb on into our bed.  I was so proud of her patience that I rewarded her middle of the night pleasantness with admittance under the covers between mommy and daddy.  My only real complaint was the cold steel that constantly rubbed up against my legs from her taps for the next two hours!


~ by JenEvangelista on August 21, 2008.

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