A sweet memory

In this house, we go through what can only be described as Ice Cream Stages – periods of time when Mayfield and Haagan Dazs become staples on the grocery list.  Most in the family (including mom and dad) prefer the chocolate variety, while Bella vacillates between vanilla and strawberry.  On this particular day, all that was left in the freezer when the tasty treat was requested was vanilla.  So, being the resourceful children that they are – the boys topped their bowls with Hershey’s syrup (sadly, another pantry staple). 

When I looked at their bowls, a flood of memories swept in and overwhelmed me.  You see, ice cream was also a staple at my grandparents house throughout my childhood.  I remember always being able to count on a half gallon of Kinnett being in the freezer at Monni-Moo and Pop’s.   Their flavor of choice was vanilla.  My cousin Julie and I weren’t crazy about vanilla and always topped it with hersheys syrup, mixing it into a chocolately soup that not only solved our sweet craving but was, I’m quite sure, an excellent appetite suppressant for dinner.

As I passed the bowls to my sons, I was reminded of the young girl that loved that same indulgence.  I smiled at the recollection of evenings spent with Monni-Moo and Pop, and wondered if in some small way I was creating a pleasant memory for my children as well.


~ by JenEvangelista on August 28, 2008.

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