A Lovely Day

I had an extra day off from work this past week and what a difference it made to my well-being.  I spent my one usual day off doing my usual day off things – like cleaning, errand-running, catching up with people and generally getting the house and my life in relative order.  This alway involves ignoring my children to a certain extent and adds to my ever-present “mommy guilt”.  Well, this week I had a day off after my day off and chose to do things a little differently.  I still had the basics to handle – dishwashing, toy pick-up, etc – but I was able to spend most of the morning one on one with my Abe while everyone else was in school.  We played Peek-a-Boo for many, many minutes (a developmental milestone, by the way).


And more amazingly, we played catch for even more minutes.  He loves balls and at the sweet age of 10 months is quite adept at throwing and catching a well placed ball.    


I tickled and gave “zurberts”.  He cackled and laughed out loud.  He took a short nap and I drank 2 cups of coffee while watching the news.  We picked up Bella at noon and I had a friend over for lunch.  The boys got their homework done earlier than usual after school and I didn’t cook dinner.  They were thrilled to be allowed to choose between the wide array of frozen entrees occupying our freezer and I was OK with pretending chicken nuggets and ice cream constituted an adequate meal.  And when Brad came home, I was able to greet him with a good attitude, if not a good dinner.

It was a great day.  I need to go on home vacations more often.


~ by JenEvangelista on September 7, 2008.

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