Bad daughter-in-law

I want to take a moment to honor my in-laws.  They recently had an anniversary – Happy 41st – and I totally forgot it.  In my defense, I knew it was coming and thought about it the week prior, then I remembered that I forgot it very quickly after the actual day, however Sept 1st came and went without so much as a phone call from the Georgia branch of the family.  Also in my defense is the fact that their son, otherwise referred to as my husband,  also forgot it (sorry to throw you under the bus, baby 🙂 , love you). 

The good news is that this is not a terribly unusual thing for us to do.  That actually doesn’t sound very positive, but if we were on top of every holiday and special event, it would definitely maximize our oversight.

Forty One years.  I recently posted about my parents on their their 40th anniversary (one week before Joe and Linda’s).  I cannot reflect on my in-laws during their child rearing years for obvious reasons, but I can see the product of these years and know that whatever they did, it was good.  Todd is their 1st born son and is a strong, solid man of God with a beautiful family.  Brad, my love, is also a man with Eternity in his heart.  He is doing everything he can to love his family and build the kingdom of God, and is very successful at both.  Joe and Linda did something right and I am thankful to them for that.

In the nearly fourteen years Brad and I have been married, I have been blessed to get to know and love his parents.  There are no “in-law” jokes made around here and none of the stereotypical relationship problems.  I do concede that living 3000 miles apart probably helps with that, 😉 but I like to think we would be just as close, if not closer even if the miles didn’t prevent frequent encounters.

I love that our kids know and love them and other than my dismay over Joseph’s desire to move to California after each trip, I am thrilled that the big boys get to enjoy extended visits every summer.  And I really, truly enjoy when they come to Georgia to see us.  Mom and dad, you are always welcome in our home.

Thank you for being a part of our lives and for being wonderful parents, grandparents, friends and yes, in-laws.  We love you.


~ by JenEvangelista on September 8, 2008.

One Response to “Bad daughter-in-law”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful compliments! As you can see by the date of my reply, promptness can be relative, so you are certainly NOT a “bad daughter-in-law.” Joe and I frequently look back at raising Todd and Brad, comparing those years to the ones you and Brad are going through now. We had our hands full with two, so we can’t quite figure out how you do it with four! But what fun we had going to the all the boys’ activities, watching them grow, and seeing them make the little decisions upon which their later big decisions were made. Not every day was peaceful, but every day was lived to the fullest!! They both turned out to be men of God, as you pointed out, and have made us very proud. We are proud of you, too, and love you very much.

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