To Do List

Checklist of things to do when your 3 year old is sick at home on your day off (that may answer any lingering questions you had about my last post).

1.  Scrap your list of things you were planning to accomplish.

2.  Watch an excessive amount of Dora.

3.  Do not plan any car trips as even the shortest (for example, taking the boys to school) results in pulling over on the side of the road to assist with “ringing” the towel that was fortunately brought along just in case.

4.  Desperately attempt to keep your 10 month old virus free, even when you know that your efforts are most likely in vain.

5.  Do extra laundry (foul smelling towels, primarily).

6.  Rub a tiny belly often.

7.  Reluctantly call Nena to keep sick child in order for you and husband to attend the teacher conference scheduled to accomodate your day off.

8.  Pray extra prayers as sick child attempts to eat a piece of toast and regret not having Ginger Ale as a staple in the house.

9.  Try to be pleased that sick child not only tolerated the toast, but is completely well by the afternoon and demanding you to assist in burning off the energy she saved up laying around all morning.

Gotta love it!

~ by JenEvangelista on September 17, 2008.

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