2 kids younger?

I recently had my hair cut.  This is not unusual for me as I change hairstyles more often than I change toothbrushes.  This particular “do” is the easiest yet – requiring and indeed demanding no brushing.  I’m to simply blow it dry while styling it with my fingers.  Ok, I can do that! 

Anyway, I received an interesting compliment on it the other day.  I was in a group of women discussing the style as only women can and a male friend of mine (who has 4 children of his own) said that he liked it and that it made me “look like I had two kids”.  When the women, including myself, appeared a bit confused by the comment, he clarified – “you know, it took two kids off of you”. 

Looking back on it – it is just about the nicest thing anyone could say 🙂 .



~ by JenEvangelista on September 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “2 kids younger?”

  1. Your daddy even noticed your new “do”, and he really likes it! That’s pretty cool, because he NEVER says anything about a hair cut.

    Happy Birthday kiddo!! Today is October 4th, 2008 and I remember another October 4th so many years ago as being the happiest day of my life. From the first time I saw you, until this day, I have been very proud to be your Mother. You were a beautiful baby, a cute child, a sweet sibling to your baby brother and now you are a fantastic friend. Thanks for being the most wonderful daughter any parent could ever wish for. I’m sorry that your B’Day didn’t turn out to be very special, but please know how special you are to me and your Daddy.
    We love you,
    Mom & Dad aka Nena & G.Pop

  2. Thank you. I love you both, and don’t worry – just because I’m getting older doesn’t mean you are.

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