Thirty Something

OK, this is my last “Thirty Something” birthday.  How do I feel about that?  Other than being tired, which has less to do with it being my birthday and more to do with my life in general, I’m ok with it. 

The age of 39 holds completely different conotations depending on your perspective.  My older kids think it is ancient because they have difficulty seeing beyond their fingertips.   My younger kids cannot differentiate it from the age of 20 and that’s my personal favorite perspective.  My peers think it is just another age because we are all too busy to dwell on it.  My parents’ generation thinks it is young because an admittance of anything else would have serious implications on their own stage of life.  And my grandmother’s generation thinks it is downright immature, knowing that there is still a lot more living to do.

I am 39 today.  I am the mother of four beautiful children who sometimes keep me young and sometimes give me more gray hair.  I am the wife of a younger man – he won’t catch up for 15 months 😉 .  I am the daughter of wonderful parents, and the sister of a great “baby brother”.  I am a relatively successful professional.  I am, as indicated above, tired – but I am also a very blessed woman. 

Happy Birthday to me.

~ by JenEvangelista on October 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Thirty Something”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!!! I hope when I am 39 I am as beautiful, fun and a great mom/wife just like you!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Jennifer!!! You forgot to mention that you are also a great friend to many!

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