The Playground

Yesterday afternoon, I picked the boys up from extended care at school.  When I pulled up, they were on the playground and I took a moment to just watch.  It was a gorgeous day.  They were playing in different areas of the woodchip covered recreation yard and were both perfectly happy.  Joseph was swinging and chatting with his buddies, reminding me with every pump of his legs that he was still in many ways a little boy, full of life and laughter. 

Jacob, interestingly, was playing on the monkeybars with 3 little girls.  I’ve heard him speak often of his friend Logan P., but it was not until this moment that I realized this friend was a girl.  I must say their dance was fascinating, as she coyly wandered around the slide and under the fort and made sure he was following.  The way the other little girls who followed her around were of no interest to my Jake and he was fully focused on interacting with this red-headed diva, even when his buddies made attempts at distraction.  This, too, was revealing to me and although I have no misconceptions about my prepubertal boy’s intentions, it did give me a glimpse into what is coming in a few short years.


I happened to have my camera in the car and snapped their pics before they even realized I was there.  Jacob was the first to notice me and instantly wanted me to take a posed picture of him and his friends, which I jumped at given his distain for photography right now (as mentioned in my previous post).  Joe ignored me until the very last minute due to his dissatisfation from being picked up before recess was over, but recovered from the disappointment quickly. 

My boys.  Man, do I love them.


~ by JenEvangelista on October 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Playground”

  1. Jen, you will be so happy in the future to have these entries about the minutiae of the kids daily lives. It slips away from memory so quickly. To have the narrative running along with the pictures is priceless. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  2. I’m already glad for it. I sometimes read the things I wrote just a couple of months ago and smile – I know the memories will be even sweeter with the passage of time.

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