Geography 102 with a little Spelling lesson on the side

I was wearing a Florida Gator sweatshirt today. 

Arabella, of course, noticed and mentioned that I had “Alexander Alligator” on my shirt, the phonics friend utilized to assure that my 3 year old is able to recognize the letter “A”.  Then she wanted to know what the letters spelled on the shirt.  I told her they spelled “Florida” and that mommy & daddy had lived there before she was born.

That went fairly well as she didn’t contradict that particular point of history.  Then I went a step too far.  “And now we all live in Georgia”, I continued in my best educator’s voice, recalling her interest in geography recently.  This was met with a sharp “No, we don’t.  We live on Smallers Road”.  I was confused and she picked up on it as was evident by her clarification.  “Nena and GPop live on Biggers Road” (which is a true statement) “and we live on Smallers Road” (which is not true, although to her credit our street is considerably shorter than her grandparents’). 

And there was no convincing her otherwise.

By the way, before you get all mushy about this angel giving a big kiss for the camera – please know that she was actually spitting 🙂 .

~ by JenEvangelista on October 31, 2008.

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