I’m sorry, Mom and Dad


I feel that I must apologize to my parents for all of the longish car rides that were made immeasurably longer by my incessant talking about anything that popped into my little girl head, not to exclude animal noises, make believe adventures and spontaneous outbursts into very loud singing. 

I apologize for the pauses every 10-15 words as I waited for verbal validation from you, assuring me that you were listening; and the fact that if I didn’t receive a response from you in a timely manner, I would repeat myself in a louder volume until my desired outcome was achieved. 

I apologize for not allowing the blood curdling screams of my baby brother in the seat next to me deter my conversation, but instead for letting them push me to speak faster and louder.

I apologize for my made-up songs that consisted of one to two phrases only, had a repetitive melody to accompany the recurring lyrics and ended with a crescendo that could only be heard by small canines.

I apologize for the moments of shear pain when I erupted into what can only be described as wailing and gnashing of teeth as a result of something my mind quite obviously thought was important and yours did not (like when you asked me to please be quiet for just 2 minutes). 

I apologize for the converstations that went something like this:  Mommy, are we in the neighborhood yet?”  “Not yet, we’ll be there soon”  Yes, we are, mommy, right?  We are in the neighborhood” “We are not in the neighborhood quite yet, sweetie”YES, WE ARE in the neighborhood, right Mommy? WE ARE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!!”  “I’m not going to lie to you, we are not in the neighborhood yet, but we are getting close” AAAAHHHHH!!!!!” (followed by more wailing and gnashing of teeth).

I’m really sorry, Mom and Dad.  I am now acutely aware of your misery in those moments and appreciate the fact that you still loved me, listened to me, and somehow managed to avoid driving the car into a tree.  Even when you wanted nothing more than to put your IPod earphones in your ears and turn up your Rock and Roll playlist as loud as it would go 😉 .



~ by JenEvangelista on November 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “I’m sorry, Mom and Dad”

  1. Could you possibly be talking about a similar experience (or two) you might have had????? At least Arabella is still little. I acutely remember calling my mother (from North Dakota after I was married) and apologizing for all the times (as a teenager!) I had complained loudly and with “gnashing of teeth” that my poached eggs weren’t done PERFECTLY! Mothers deserve more than one day a year to be honored.

  2. Yes, each of these examples actually came from ONE very long car ride with Arabella & Abraham recently. The distance was only about 25 miles, but time seemed to stand still!

    I wondered the whole way if I did the same thing to my parents when I was little and when the obvious answer of “yes” kept resounding in my head, I decided to write this post.

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