The Evangelista Tree

Ok, our family room is now sporting a “real tree”!  I can hardly believe it!  The Georgia branch of the Evangelistas have never had a live Christmas tree and quite honestly, I have been fine with that.  Last year, however, our lovely ten year old faux tree was slightly distroyed due to a miscalculation concerning it’s ability to travel down the deck stairs assembled.  Bottom line, we needed a new tree this year and we made the decision to do it the old fashioned way – go to a temporary lot that is named after it’s entrepreneur owner and is lined with precut trees and pick one out 🙂 .  So off we went, underestimating the cold and the cost.  We did, however, choose a gorgeous tree even if there were a few tears when the 3 foot “baby tree” was left behind. 

tree-mom-and-kids   tree-dad-and-kids   tree-baby-tree  tree-brad-and-abe

I’m a little proud and a good bit embarassed to admit that said tree was purchased the day BEFORE Thanksgiving, primarily because of my work schedule over the weekend.  The original plan was to buy the tree and work on decorating it all weekend as time permitted. 

tree-going-up  tree-jake-yelling  tree-going-up21  tree-abe-on-ladder  tree-up

Well, Jacob in particular, was ready to roll as soon as we got home and managed to get us to agree to putting on the lights. 

wr-tree-lights  wr-tree-lights2

One thing lead to another and by the end of the night, our tree was fully decorated and the house was well on its way to December Joy!  It was a really wonderful evening as a family, even if there was no apple cider or music in the background. 

wr-tree-decorating  wr-tree-decorating2  wr-tree-decorating3

I love our tree!


~ by JenEvangelista on December 3, 2008.

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