Taking The Bad With The Good

Here’s the good news.  Mommy took Abe and Bella to see Santa Saturday.

Here’s the bad news.  Joseph and Jacob didn’t want to go with us and mommy left in tears.

Here’s more good news.  Bella was thrilled enough for everyone and I couldn’t help enjoy her excitement.


Here’s more bad news.  Santa was walking off to go eat lunch when we arrived.

Here’s more good news.  We got to spend an hour eating lunch and playing on the rides in the food court (wait, that may have been more bad news).


Here’s more bad news.  When we made it back to Santa, the line was so long that Mommy couldn’t stand in it and chase Abraham around the mall at the same time.  This meant we had to reschedule, much to Arabella and mommy’s dismay.

img_4289 img_42941

Here’s more good news.  Belles got this skirt  and heart necklace as a consolation prize.  The skirt twirls, which is an important criteria for anything she wears, and she has barely taken it off except to sleep since she got it.  She even wore it to church sunday, although I did draw the line at school.  It is absolutely wonderful!

 img_4310 img_4307   

img_4299  img_4297

The final bad news.  We have to brave the mall later this week to attempt once again to speak with Jolly Old Saint Nick.  

Merry Christmas.


~ by JenEvangelista on December 16, 2008.

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