Christmas Morning Recap

Well, Santa made it to the Evangelistas!  I became acutely aware of this fact at 5:30 am when I felt a presence standing over me in bed.  Since I had actually only been in said bed for about 3 hours, my excitement over the prospect of jumping up at that hour was a bit lacking.  I convinced Jacob (my morning visitor) to lay down with us for a while as noone else was awake yet.  At 6:00 am on the dot, he exclaimed “I just can’t stand it anymore!”.

By then, Abe was up and so the other children were awakened and the route to the family room was enlivened with little footsteps. 

I love Christmas morning.  I always have and I pray that I always will.  I can recall the anticipation of that moment as a child, and now I get to see the almost palpable thrill in my kids faces. 

To say that this one was a whirlwind would be an understatement, as by 7:05 am every gift was ripped open, every toy was inspected and every child was all smiles.  By 7:30 am, most of the paper was in trash bags and the boxes were well on their way to being destroyed as the prizes that were tied into them were extracted.  And by 8:00 am, Abraham was down for a nap and mommy was wishing she could join him!

Fun Stuff!

img_4610  img_4613  

Eating Santa's Leftover Cookie

Eating Santa's Leftover Cookie

  img_4626  img_46421

I promise this is NOT what Abe got from Santa

I promise this is NOT what Abe got from Santa

  img_4657  img_4634


~ by JenEvangelista on December 30, 2008.

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