National Chomps!


OK, I know I’m not actually living in Gator Nation at the moment, but it’s still in my blood a little.  That pride comes shining through on nights like last night, when all rational adult behavior is replaced with under the breath encouragement and insane screaming at a small box as 22 young men run around chasing after an odd shaped ball.  You could palpate the emotion in our family room as Brad and I watched a painful 1st half and an intense 2nd half of the Championship Game, all the while trying not to get too frustrated at our children who were taking advantage of our weak moment and resisting bedtime.  In the end, our team came out on top, which meant that the final emotion of the evening was definately pleasant, if not a bit euphoric. 

I love to watch football, but only when I care who wins.  Last night, I cared.  I would have survived a Gator loss, but today is much sweeter because I didn’t have to.  Go Gators!




~ by JenEvangelista on January 9, 2009.

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