A “Mommy First” for Me

I picked Abe up from his nap, took care of his stinky diaper and strapped him into the carseat.   Abe, Bella and I went to pick Jake up from school, wandered through the building for a while only to discover that he was on the playground and didn’t want to be picked up early (like he had originally begged me to do). 

So, being the nice mom that I am, I agreed to his request and called Daddy to get both boys on his way home.  I then took advantage of a  few extra minutes to handle an errand I truly abhor – grocery shopping.

I spent an hour in Winn Dixie picking up Apple Juice and Bologna with Abraham and Arabella driving the cute car buggy that is an absolute life-saver (thank you to whoever invented that thing).  Finally, we arrived home and I unloaded the car & started on dinner.  Abraham got fussy and so I put him in his highchair to eat a snack.  Once Brad and the boys arrived, he wanted to get out (in his defense, he “snacked” for about 45 minutes).

I let him run around while I finished the food prep.  A few minutes later, Brad brought him to me because he had apparently “sat in something”.  Sure enough, his entire lower half was wet.  I unsnapped his cute one piece velour outfit and made a shocking discovery.  He was “going commando”! 

That’s right.  My 14 month old baby had a completely bare backside (and frontside) – no diaper in sight!  I had indeed removed his soiled diaper after his nap 3 hours earlier, but apparently had forgotten to take the extra step of replacing it with a clean diaper.  I just snapped him up and away we went.

Upon inspection throughout the house, I found two separate puddles that required cleaning, but both were on the wood floor.  Yeah, Abe!

This was a first for me.  In the 10 years + of diaper changing that I have endured thus far, I had never before forgotten to diaper a child.  I guess he should learn to talk so he could remind me of these things, huh?  Oh, well, at least I fed the kid cookies and grapes – what more can he expect from me? 🙂



~ by JenEvangelista on January 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “A “Mommy First” for Me”

  1. I think this is absolutely hilarious!!!! I feel a little better knowing that you are human, too. You do so much and are pulled in so many ways it is a wonder that you haven’t gone the diaperless route before this. Arabella doubtless was ‘spritzing’ herself with some good smelling connoction and you got distracted. I loved the stinky boy stage story; I well remember it. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Mom – it was quite a moment, indeed. Fortunately, because the “puddles” were made at home and not in WinnDixie or at Calvary, I was able to laugh about the situation. And I was also thankful that the stinky diaper was out of the way! Could have been much worse :).
    And Bella was in the room during the entire changing fiasco, talking about some important issue – so I will totally blame her – great idea.

  3. …taking…notes. =)

  4. How funny is that! Thanks for sharing!

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