Language is the source of misunderstandings.
  – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Perhaps this is why my kids don’t go to bed when I tell them to!  One night last week I tried a different approach.  The proclamation was made that for every 10 minutes after bedtime they were out of their beds, I would take a favorite toy for 24 hours.  


Jacob acted as though I told him he would be banished from society for 10 years, and my ever thinking Joe asked if he could choose the toy to be taken.  When we got past the negotiation stage and I gave it my best “I really mean this, so don’t try me” face, I felt confident bedtime would be smoother.

And guess what?  No misunderstandings!  Bed on time.  No confiscated toys in my possession.  No whining children in the morning.  Now, if only I had the stamina to fight this battle every night, we’d be in business.  Kids just wear you down!



~ by JenEvangelista on January 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Misunderstanding”

  1. I would always tell the parents of my students that kids see “wearing their parents down” as their job in life. They are pretty good at it, too, because they have so much more energy than we adults do. Especially at night…… I laughed at the boys’ reactions: so typical of each.

  2. I suppose it is universal. And yes, I can almost predict how each will respond to any given stimulus. I love watching their different personalities develop. And it is fascinating to see how Arabella is a combination of the two, yet completely herself. Her response to this evening, for example, was to wail and gnash like Jake, negotiate like Joe, then totally ignore me, accepting the punishment all for the sake of not having to go to bed on time! UGGG!

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