Snow Day!

Really – it was snowing!  In Columbus, Georgia!  On March 1st!  All day!  And we had a great time.

Arabella was very excited to see snow at her home for the first time ever.


Abraham had his first look at snow anywhere and could only say “ohhhh”.


Jacob was so happy he was shadowboxing (he must get that from his daddy).


Joseph was busted eating the snow – at least it wasn’t yellow 🙂 .


There were Snowball Fights and Snow Angels.

img_60931  img_6088 img_6090

We built a Snowman, complete with olive eyes and fruit snack smile.

img_6098  img_6118  img_61011    img_6111_2  img_6114  img_6113  img_6108

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our Snow Day!

img_5995  img_6049  img_6068 img_6130 img_60651 img_6136

~ by JenEvangelista on March 2, 2009.

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