Happy Birthday, My Princess


Valentine’s day will never be the same around our house again! Fortunately, it is a day surrounded by pink, purple & red hearts and flowers, making it easy for Arabella to believe the whole world is celebrating HER BIRTHDAY!  This year, however, was a birthday for our little girl that topped all other birthdays, past or future.  She was a true princess all day in the most magical place in the world.  Yep, she spent her day at Disney!  The entire trip was actually a celebration for her (in her mind) including a “Happy Birthday” button that she tired of wearing by her actual big day and many encounters with princesses and favorite characters.


The highlight of the day was a StoryBook Breakfast in a castle in Norway at Epcot – complete with Aurora, Mulan, Jasmine, Snow White, and Belle.  The boys never whined once about the seriously over-estrogenized event and actually had a nice time despite themselves.  Jasmine with her bare tummy was their favorite although they are still too young to completely understand why :).  The awe on Arabella’s face was priceless as she was immersed in the dreamworld.  I don’t think she ate a bite – which was normal for that week – because she was too busy staring and smiling at the beautiful princesses as they worked the room, each coming to our table for a brief conversation and photo op in turn.  

                disney-norway-aurora          disney-norway-mulan          disney-norway-jasmine        disney-norway-snowwhite      disney-norway-belle


We all enjoyed her reactions and even the toy Cinderella castle she picked out at the overpriced gift shop as her present didn’t compare to those few moments spent in her fantasy.  Thanks, Disney, for doing it right.


         disney-norway-sw-smiles       disney-mulan-hugs

~ by JenEvangelista on March 11, 2009.

One Response to “Happy Birthday, My Princess”

  1. We really did have a great time!!! I am so glad we were there to watch her magical experience. Everything was so REAL for her. How fun to be four. And, I agree, the boys handled all the hoopla wonderfully. I think the “mean” character, Mrs. Somebody (of course I can’t remember her name), we met at the first dinner at the Floridian set the tone for Joseph and especially Jacob. They were good sports. But Arabella was in a world of her own, for sure!

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