Our Travel Partners


I’m not really confident that my in-laws were quite sure what they were getting into when they suggested that we go to Disney World during their February visit this year.  I jumped on the opportunity because I’ve been wanting to go back and knew in my heart that the zone defense Brad & I usually have to execute to keep our four kids entertained would be too challenging in that massive, magical world.  Our only previous visit to The World (that’s what we insiders call it) was in 2003 when the boys were 5 and 2 1/2 years.  It was wonderful and I wanted Arabella to experience the magic while she still believed everything she saw 😉 and wanted the boys to experience the great stuff available for older kids.  Poor Abraham was just along for the ride.

Anyway, the offer arose, the challenge was met, and the planning began.  I read a big, big book, immersed myself in Disney websites, blogs, and podcasts, and talked to numerous frequent Disney-ers.  I spent an entire afternoon on the phone with a nice “cast member” coming up with reservations for each day after researching the best day to visit each park based on crowd predictions.  I was a bit of a task master while there, forcing us to arrive each day to our designated Park 30-45 mins before opening with a plan in hand as to what each adult was responsible for in the first few minutes.  Apparently, if you don’t have your ducks in a row, have the busiest attractions ridden and your fast passes in hand by 10am, you are dead in the water.


In spite of all of this, we managed to have a great time!  And Grandy and Grandpa were wonderful to have along.  They never complained about my obsessions, went along with every nuance of the trip and look care of Abraham in the afternoons so he could nap.  Fortunately, they were tired by the time Abe was melting down and didn’t seem too heartbroken about leaving Brad and I to handle the other 3 kids by ourselves each afternoon.  We would then meet up for dinner and enjoy nice evenings and early bedtimes.


           gp1           gy3

I so much enjoyed having them both along on the trip.  I am very blessed to have in-laws that I love enough to be able to vacation with :). They were good help and great company.  And although there were a couple of rough spots…


I hope they had a wonderful vacation as well.


~ by JenEvangelista on March 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “Our Travel Partners”

  1. Jen, you know we LOVED it! In fact, I worry that I am becoming one of those grandparents who talk incessantly about their grandchildren. I am just home from watching Erin and Clarissa in a volleyball tournament, and I spent the time between games telling everyone who would listen all about DisneyWorld. And thanking God that you had a little one who needed naps everyday, because otherwise it would have been embarrassing to try in invent reasons why WE needed naps. I like the way you have organized your blogs; we even got one of our own!!!

  2. Mom, you have a blog????

    You’ve come a long way since I introduced you to this device called an answering machine….

  3. I think she’s talking about their own blog POST, not their own blog :), although perhaps the Grandy and Grandpa blog is in the works – who knows.

  4. I should have said, “We even got our own page on Jen’s blog……” The answering machine was followed many years later by cell phones, but don’t expect miracles!!! We’ll leave the blogging to you.

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