Happily Ever After Dinner

One of the things on Arabella’s list for our Disney trip was meeting Cinderella in her Castle.  Her mother was not quite together enough to get reservations to the Breakfast in the castle SIX MONTHS in advance.  I mean, really, 180 days – who plans anything that far ahead!  I didn’t even prepare for the birth of my children that far ahead.  Well, after a little research, I found a suitable alternative.

The Happily Ever After Dinner at the Grand Floridian Hotel.

And it was incredible!  It was our 1st dining experience and I think it was our best.  The food was good and pricey, but the atmosphere was magical and priceless.  The Grand Floridian Hotel in and of itself was incredible.  There was a carriage outside that could have quite easily been Cinderella’s and offered a nice photo opportunity. Then we entered the building and received a treat as the lobby was gorgeous and made you feel as though you had stepped back in time.  It was truly grand, complete with an orchestra playing in the balcony and breathtaking chandeliers and decor.   It made the wait for dinner very bearable. 

   carraige disneys_grand_floridian_resort_and_spa_45627_5_09112006_0009599062_500


Once we made it into the restaurant, the magic really began.  Each of the Cinderella characters came by our table in turn, starting with Lady Tramaine, the evil step-mother.  And boy, was she ever in character!  She was fantastic and really did set the tone for the evening.  She was pleasant enough to the birthday girl, but bossed the boys around appropriately and demanded that they stand with her (straight and still) for the photo.  We laughed and laughed.

tramaine1    tramaine

The Step-sisters, Anastasia and Drizella were fun, too and were a great warm-up to the “main attraction”.

step1     step2

Then came the real reason we were there!  Cinderella and Prince Charming arrived and actually took a spin RIGHT in front of our table.  Then before we knew it, Prince Charming had turned to Arabella, asked for her hand and danced with her!  What a thrill for our little Princess.

prince1  prince21  prince3  prince4

Eventually (and after a moment of stress that will be discussed more fully in the next post), Cinderella herself came by and had a quite lengthy conversation with Arabella, telling her to make a wish every time she sees fireworks – a remark that stuck with Belles and was able to be fulfilled the very next day.  She was stunning and Arabella was swept away into a wonderland of imagination and princess joy.

cindi1  cindi2  cindi3

Overall, Abraham had no use for the evening…


but the grown-ups had a blast watching the spectacle, Arabella lived a dream, and Joseph & Jacob had a great time in spite of themselves.

It was a Happily Ever After Dinner!



~ by JenEvangelista on March 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “Happily Ever After Dinner”

  1. Good Morning Jennifer, Loved all of your blog. This is so neat–thanks for taking the time to do this–I think of all the great memories we have had together and we are still makeing memories!!! love Monnie moo.

  2. Hello, I´m planning a trip, and because of your blog I decided to visit the Happily Ever After Dinner. Very Nice Pictures congratulations.

    One last question, is every girl dress up?

    • Angela, you will not regret it (in our Cinderella lovin’ opinion). Most of the little girls were in their “princess” attire, but certainly not all of them. Have a wonderful trip, it really is magical.

  3. Cool affair, didn’t thought reading it was going to be so interesting when I read the url.

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