Brotherly Love

Some of my favorite Disney moments were when the kids were getting along and loving each other.  Two moments in particular stand out that make me smile with pride.  

At our Cinderella dinner on the first night, every character in the room had come by our table to visit except the one Arabella was really waiting for – Cinderella herself.  Somehow, she missed us and it looked as if we would have to wait for her to take a (much deserved) break then make her rounds again before we would see her.  Bella was getting impatient and a bit sad as she knew we were finished eating and had already paid the bill.  In her mind, it was looking like she may miss her opportunity to see the lovely princess.  Before we knew it, Jacob was gone from the table.  We looked up and he had crossed the room and approached Cinderella, apparently informing her of her oversight and asking her to please visit his disappointed baby sister.  When he returned and we asked him what he said to her, he said “Bella wants to see her, I just let her know”.  The magical fairy tale figure did, indeed, break her regular cycle to circle back around to our table, fulfilling a little girls fantasy and we were all touched by a brother’s concern and love for his sister.


Another such moment was when Joseph, on another day at another meal, agreed to dance with Arabella in the middle of the room at her pleading.  This goes against everything in Joe’s personality and he was admittedly not thrilled about the spin.  He did, however, acquiesce to his sister and won the “brother of the day” award for that day.


I love my boys!

~ by JenEvangelista on March 16, 2009.

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  1. I love your boys, too!!!

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