A New Addition to the Family?

As if one husband, 3 sons, 1 daughter, 2 cats and 1 snake are not enough, we are adding a new addition to the family!  

Yep, we are getting a DOG!  My sweet man has always insisted that “every boy needs a dog” and although our one attempt at dog-ownership a few years ago didn’t turn out so well at no fault of our own, he is determined to try again.  After many hours of research, we (and I use that pronoun loosely) have decided on a Boykin Spaniel, located a litter in South Georgia and headed out today to retrieve our new pup.  

Now, Brad has been on this kick multiple times in the past and I’ve never truly worried about follow-through due to our circumstances of brand new church/baby/house, etc.  I suppose that I’d better get my mind settled on the idea now as there is a crate on the front steps, dog food in the dining room, and gas being burned on the road to Tifton.  This afternoon, I decided that I needed to start the bonding process and had Brad e-mail me a picture of the litter from which our newest blessing will come.  I have to admit, they are cute little things.


I still have my reservations as I’m not even sleeping through the night caring from my human responsibilities (last night, Arabella was up at MN after an accident in bed and Abe up at 4am for no apparent reason), but I’m determined to be happy about this adventure.  And I will reluctantly admit that I’m a little excited about it – if for nothing else but for the kids and their daddy.

I’m off to learn more about our new baby.  Pray for us :).  Will keep you posted!

~ by JenEvangelista on March 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “A New Addition to the Family?”

  1. oh goodness they are CUTE!
    We have a cat and that is enough for now but every once in awhile I want a dog
    We do not quite have the yard for it right now though 🙂
    Can’t wait to see this new addition

  2. DON’T DO IT!!! Call them back now! Just kidding. Your doggy probably won’t be nearly as hyper as my Cane Doggy Dog, and sadly he will remain this hyper for another year. Maybe the arrival of “Salvatore” will calm him down. LOL!

  3. Welcome to your new family little dog! Hope you guys love him, he will be so much fun!!

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