Mental Picture

I was describing our puppy walks to my mother -in-law on the phone, she decided it sounded like I was herding cats.  I tend to agree.  Just picture this (no details were altered and no photo is included as the resident photographer was intimately involved in the event):

Mommy (aka me) is taking a leisurely walk down our street.  Abraham is on one side with a band-aid on his left knee as a result of a recent encounter with the driveway.  A band-aid that is not quite containing the tiny trickle of fresh blood escaping from the bottom .  With my right hand, I am desperately holding onto his hand because the few cars that travel our street seem to do it at Nascar speeds.  

Walking next to him is Arabella, clinging to his other reluctant hand in an attempt to “help him”.  She is wearing the most appropriate footwear she could find for the journey – purple & pink, mismatched, high heeled, play princess shoes.  She is also sporting her hot pink lipstick and sunglasses that complete the look.

As if this is not enough of a challenge, my other hand is firmly grasping a leash that holds our 10 wk old puppy, Louie, on the other end.  He is also quite interested in going his own way.  Did I mention it is misting just a bit and the ground is soaking wet from the downpours we’ve experienced lately, sprinkled with delightful puddles the water-loving dog and boy cannot resist?  My left arm is outstretched during the sojourn because I cannot let Louie get close to Abe or Bella lest they squeal and run away from him (and therefore me).  

I am also trying to be a good pet owner following the “learn how to properly walk your dog” advice I have read and not let him get ahead of us, as apparently I need to be the Lead Canine (the Alpha Dog, if you will) in the group in order to gain the respect of this frisky pup.

Can you see it in your head?

Needless to say, we didn’t cover much ground but did manage to squeeze a tiny bit of fresh air and exercise into the otherwise rainy, gloomy day.


~ by JenEvangelista on April 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “Mental Picture”

  1. I’m glad you didn’t post a picture. It would have ruined the one I already have in my head! You were desperate for a walk, huh?

  2. Love the part about Bella’s attire. Sounds likePaige, our only grand daughter out of 7 ….lol

  3. I can totally picture it!
    And what an adventure for sure!
    LOL 🙂
    I love Bella’s attire
    She sounds like she lives by the motto “if I am gonna
    go out then I am going out in STYLE!” 🙂

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