Have you ever seen a flying squirrel?

In your CLOSET?

I watched my small, fluffy predator named Maddie chase a rodent into my closet last night.  After the initial involuntary squeal that I could not control and annoyed me even as it was leaving my mouth, I followed the cat to investigate.  I carefully pulled her away from her living toy, and slowly started to push away my clothes that were so nicely hanging on the lower rack to survey the damage that had been inflicted on the poor, scared creature.  



Then came the Griswald moment.  Remember the one where Clark was checking out the noise in the Christmas tree and was met with a squirrel jumping out reeking havoc on the family?  Well, fortunately I didn’t find claws in my eyelids, but the above mentioned rodent literally leaped out and landed on the other side of the closet.


I then emitted one more girly scream and did what any woman that was within a 2 mile radius of a man would be justified in doing.  I hollered for Brad!  He and Joseph went on the hunt and we discovered that the tiny creature terrorizing me was indeed an actual flying squirrel – very cool!  Even more cool was when he was safely outside. 


Thanks, Maddie!



~ by JenEvangelista on April 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Have you ever seen a flying squirrel?”

  1. RC said to tell you that as a kid he used to have them as pets…you should handle with gloves, hopefully the hubby did.

  2. No gloves, but plenty of my kitchen bowls and containers. You can see it now, can’t you – trying to catch that thing between a colander and a mixing bowl!

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