Jake is Eight


There are so many things about Jacob that I absolutely adore!  He has the sweetest personality with at least a touch of mischief.  And I really don’t know where he gets his sense of humor.  His wit is quick and he is constantly making Brad and me laugh.  We never know what to expect from him and I love that!

Yesterday, he turned 8 years old and I can’t help but reflect on his Birth Day on May 2nd, 2001.  It was a day filled with excitement and anxiety.  Jacob was induced five weeks early at Northside Hospital in Atlanta because he had bilateral UPJ (renal) obstruction and the specialists prepared us for transfer to Scottish Rite and surgery within the first 24 hours of life if needed.  We had that stress plus I had the extra knowledge of potential complications of delivering a premature baby, even if he was “getting close”.   I loved that little boy so much even before I saw him and didn’t want to think of what he might have to face in his first few hours in this world.  

Despite our fears, Brad and I were as excited as any parents could be as we awaited the arrival of our newest blessing and knew that God had him in his hands.  Even though we had to hormonally encourage his entrance, he cooperated and my labor was short.  He was born and whisked off to the High Risk Nursery in the hands of capable, but unknown to me, medical professionals.  That was by far the most difficult part of the delivery and a moment I will never forget.

God was so good to us and our little Jakey that day.  He was faithful to protect and work in his newborn body.

Little Jake did spend a couple of days in the NICU but did not require his first surgery until 6 weeks of life.  I remember walking back and forth between that room and the nursery every time I was allowed in for “touch time”, which was about every 4 hours.  I hated being separated from him but was thrilled that he hadn’t needed to transfer hospitals.  We eventually took home a beautiful & precious son, perfect in our eyes.

And look at him now!  He is a handsome, fun-loving, intelligent 8 year old boy!  Happy Birthday, my sweet Jake.  I could not love you more.



~ by JenEvangelista on May 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “Jake is Eight”

  1. Home-made cookie cake??!! Betty Crocker! Adorable picture!

  2. That grin on Jake’s face is priceless! His eyes….oh my, his eyes!

  3. Happy Birthday Jacob!!

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