Clean House Headache

We were visiting a neighbor recently and we are always amazed at the beauty of their home.  Everything is always in place and it has looked as though it would fit perfectly in an Interior Decorating magazine since the day they moved in.  My kids love to just wander around in amazement and I’m always a little sad there because I cannot help but reflect on the slightly less than perfect state of my own home :). 


I’m not sure if he noticed my distress or if he really felt this way, but Joseph made the following statement the last time we were there:

“A house this clean gives me a headache.”

At this very moment, I am sitting in my kitchen typing this post and watching Arabella stamp Abraham’s arms with purple butterflies.  He’s laughing about it so who am I to curtail the tatoo-fest.  I am looking around at this kitchen and notice that there are many things on my kitchen counter that have no business being there, including a pair of Cinderella panties, Size 3 Toddler tennis shoes, dog treats, a book about Reptiles, a garden shovel (unused), 3 barbie mermaids, a newly found broken Christmas ornament bought at Disney, sunscreen, a coat hanger and this laptop.  Fortunately I have a lot of counter space.  Unfortunately, I didn’t name every item on it.  

The good news is that Joseph’s temples won’t be throbbing any time soon around here.

~ by JenEvangelista on May 21, 2009.

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  1. Love this post!

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