Notes from a Proud Mom

I’m going to take a moment to share about my big boys now, so if sappy mommy stuff isn’t your cup of tea, I won’t be offended when you navigate away from this page.  

It is the end of the school year and Brad and I, along with Nena and G-Pop, once again found ourselves sitting among the other parents and grandparents at Calvary Christian School watching children file onto the stage, one by one, class by class, each receiving some kind of award.  My favorites were the “Faithful Effort in Math” or “Significant Improvement in Language” awards.  

  awardjoeandpate awardnena                

A few years ago, I would have taken this opportunity to step on my soapbox ranting about how we live in a society that allows “everyone to win”, whether in t-ball, soccer, or academics.  Today, however, as a mother and with a bit of added maturity, I can see the importance of recognizing some positive quality in every child, even if it is only “Faithful Effort”.  Every child is, indeed, special and with a little encouragement, can grow beyond any potential we may see in them to become the person that God sees.  OK, that’s not even what this post is about.


Joseph completed 4th grade and has always had a spectacular proficiency for academic endeavors.  He has always been a self-motivator and we have been blessed parents to be able to sit back and watch him get it done.  Really, very little prompting needed, very little intervention and very little effort on his part.  I do not take that for granted and recognize that he has been granted a wonderful gift from God in this area.  Needless to say, his list of “awards” was long and included the Principal’s List for the year and the Highest Academic Average in the class for Language and Bible.  He was proud and so were we.

And to top it off, even I was a bit astounded by his Standard Achievement Test scores.  The lowest grade level his scores reflected was 6th, in most areas he scored at a grade level between 10th and 12th, and in 5 areas his score demonstrated a post high school level.  WHAT?  I studied those results in detail and they do reflect national averages among all students in the 4th grade.  Thank you, God, for his ability.  I pray that you continue to keep him focused to use those gifts to achieve great things in his life and for Your Kingdom.  


awardjakeJacob has made it through the 2nd grade!  This has been a pivotal year for him with respect to school.  You see, he is a very smart child as well, but learns things in a different way and has fewer self-motivating skills 🙂 . We watched him in frustration as he seemed to struggle with his studies and although he is still not the happiest kid in the room to be told to do his homework, he has come farther this year than I could have imagined.  He reads better, has better study habits (although they are foreign to his mother), and pulled through on the A/B Honor Roll!  We never placed a lot of pressure on him, but were certainly proud when it seemed to “click” for him and become a little easier for all of us.

Now, here’s the kicker for Jakey.  He received the best award given that day.  Each class had 2 students (boy and girl) to receive this award.  It is the reason tears flowed down my only slightly embarrassed cheeks and reflects Jacob’s particular strengths.  Jacob won the “Christian Character Award”, given for the child who reflected Christ most accurately throughout the school year.  Now if that doesn’t make a Momma proud, nothing will.  In spite of the few notes sent home for roughhousing and excessive talking (where does he get that from?), it is a joy to know that he lives a Christ-centered life and others see Christ in him.  Dear God, keep my Jacob’s heart tender for you.  Thank you for his sweet spirit and gifts.  Let us always see them in him and do all that we can to develop them.

I have four wonderful children.  Two of them are currently well into their academic careers and doing brilliantly.  Each has a unique personality and a different sets of strengths.  They are our joy and Brad and I truly are proud parents.


~ by JenEvangelista on May 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “Notes from a Proud Mom”

  1. Awesome Job Joseph and Jacob! Tell them we are proud of them! WOW! 🙂

  2. Give yourselves a hug. These wonderful, precious boys are a reflection of and a true measure of their remarkable parents and extended family who guide them and love them so much. I’m so proud of my awesome nephews.
    And I’m very proud of you.

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