Six Women

beach all

Six women…

with different lives.

living in different towns and states.

turning 40 this year.

with a combined 16 children.

happily married.

striving to walk in righteousness.

who love to laugh.

with countless shared memories over the past 26 years.

who enjoy one of life’s greatest treasures – friendship.

beach laryn  beach lisabeach sara beach paula beach deb beach me


Laryn, Lisa, Sara, Paula, Deborah, and myself (we missed you, Carolyn) all ventured out together for the first time since High School – to the Beach!  We had a wonderful time and it was a beautiful reminder of how very thankful I am to have these friends.  We were in swim skirts instead of bikinis, 45 sunscreen instead of suntan oil, and were reading “YaYa” books and bibles instead of Gossip mags.  We have changed, yet we are each still the same.  We were still able to find a way to fill any silence naturally and had no use for pretenses.  We shared our lives, our joys, our challenges and were again reminded of why we have been close for so long.

I thank my God for you, Ladies, and I enjoyed my retreat with my long-time friends. 

beach all on beach



~ by JenEvangelista on June 5, 2009.

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