Not a floater


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Laurie Cole, our awesome swim teacher and a good friend, says that kids are either sinkers or floaters in the water.  Arabella is a floater.  We have to give her a little push downward so she can dive to the bottom, even when she is trying hard to get there.  Abraham is apparently a sinker.  He showed us that today as he fell into the pool during Bella’s lesson at the point the shallow end slides into the deep end.  

I watched him go in, then witnessed his arms and legs flailing in vain as he was sinking fast.  Of course, my reaction was that of any mother’s and I was immediately in the pool, with no thought of hesitation.  Sweet Abe never even cried although he was clearly shaken by the experience and was altogether happy to be on dry land once the fun was over.  It’s amazing what can happen in an instant.  I can only hope he will learn from his mistake.  I know I have – I’ll have dry clothes with me next time :).


~ by JenEvangelista on June 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Not a floater”

  1. Scary! A man at the pool today had to do the exact same thing. Shoes….watch….wallet…everything soaking wet! At least you didn’t have on a white shirt! 🙂

    • Yep, my watch is toast and the only challenge I had was slipping down that slope in the pool in my flip flops. I definitely said a prayer of gratitude – first that Abe was OK and also that my shirt wasn’t white (you nailed it).

  2. I am not sure if Laurie told you but the same thing happened to Cole when he was Abe’s age.
    He had been “testing” his limits about the pool the week of swim lessons and then sure enough he fell in
    I just watched as he sunk into the water and then floated – diaper up – back to the surface
    Then I reached in and got him – he was much better about getting near the edge the next week of swim lessons 🙂
    So glad Abe was Ok!!!

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