Dreaded Day 2

I have to admit it.  I was completely dreading swim lessons for Arabella this summer, especially because I was taking her on the dreaded Day 2 (Nena took her on Day 1).  I have distinct memories of Day 2, 3, 4, etc.. with Jacob in particular when he was dragged to the pool crying and wailing, basically thrown in because we knew he simply had to learn to swim despite his distress.  I’m a very rational mom, but I still remember my sadness for him and was more than a little glad when he got through it. 

Jacob Swim Lessons 2004

Jacob Swim Lessons, California 2004

 So, fast forward to 2009… Arabella’s day 2.  I’m happy to report that my fears were unjustified.  She was excited about going, sat on the steps waiting her turn with anticipation, and grinned from ear to ear the entire time.  What? A non-swimming preschooler happy about being in the water!  Never before in this family.

060209_Swim Lessons_0522  060209_Swim Lessons_0526

I give all the credit to Laurie Cole.  She is an incredible swim teacher, patient and loving.  She also knows the right buttons to push as Arabella proudly proclaimed that Mrs. Laurie said she was “swimming like a mermaid – A mermaid! Can you believe it Mommy?”.  

Even more amazing was the fact that on that dreaded Day 2, Arabella was actually swimming!  I mean, really, there was movement through the water without assistance.  I was so impressed and proud that I actually shed a tear (embarrassing, but true).  

060209_Swim Lessons_0556 060209_Swim Lessons_0547

And by the end of the lessons she was practicing on her own in the shallow end after realizing she could “touch”,  jumping off the diving board and swimming to the side on her own, and generally exuding so much confidence that my biggest concern now is that she will over stretch her limitations.

061009_Bella Swim Lesson_0821   061009_Bella Swim Lesson_0823   061009_Bella Swim Lesson_0824

So like her two big brothers before her (and unlike her baby brother who tried)…

Jacob swimming 2004   

Jacob swimming 2004

Joseph Swimming (like a shark) 2004

Joseph Swimming (like a shark) 2004

Arabella is a Swimmer!



~ by JenEvangelista on June 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Dreaded Day 2”

  1. hi, what a great swimmer!
    Laurie is my good friend from–ahem–MANY years ago. She is wonderful!
    Take care

  2. Yeah Bellas!! So proud of you!!

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