More than a Father

It is a bit ridiculous that it takes a special date on the calendar for us to remember to give some extra love and attention to the men in our lives that we care for so dearly.  Yet, here it is.. Father’s Day!

I have always been blessed with strong men in my life that have loved me, supported me, and made me the woman I am today (good or bad 🙂 ).  A grandfather who we miss dearly this Father’s Day, a father that I have more respect for than I could ever express, and a husband who is my life partner.

Because one of my many hats is that of daughter and this is Father’s Day, I want to share just a moment about my Daddy.  You see, I have been blessed beyond measure when it comes to my dad.  He is first and foremost a Godly man and raised me to have a heavenly perspective.  Sometimes he was a little too strict, at least in my humble teenage opinion at the time, but I can completely understand every decision he made now that I’m a parent myself.

I have many memories of my dad growing up but the overarching theme was that he was always there for me, my mom and brother.  He would show up at JV football games at 4pm on Thursday afternoons to watch me cheer, when I now realize he probably had to rearrange his schedule to do so. He gave up Saturday mornings to watch me compete in gymnastics and took entire weeks of vacation to drive a bus full of teenagers as our church youth choir toured the country.  In fact, he was in attendance at most every event I participated in & never gave me any indication it was an imposition for him to be there.  

One of my fondest memories is sitting in the living room with him after everyone else was asleep sharing my insecurities, latest boyfriend problem, or asking him about moral or biblical issues.  This tradition that started in early adolescence lasted well into my adult years when I would come home to visit from college or Med school and the wisdom I gleaned from him is irreplaceable.  If he was ever bothered by the fact that our talks had interrupted his movie or book, he never ever let on and he never turned me away.

Thank you for being my rock. Thank you for believing in me then and now.  Thank you for loving & teaching my children and for always being there, being you.  They adore you and I respect you. You are a wonderful father and grandfather.  But you are so much more than just a father, you are my Daddy.  And I love you.

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~ by JenEvangelista on June 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “More than a Father”

  1. Jen, While reading this about your dad, I just cried!! Even though my Dad loves me and my brother very much, he is not a christian and never was there for any of my most important things in life like yours. Ecspecially not to be a christian leader in our home. Thank God for my christian mom. She did have the courage and strength to bring us to church without him. Unfortunantly I married a man that is not a christian and is and has been in jail for the majority of my girls lives. You are soooo blessed. I pray that the cycle will stop for my girls!! I want them to marry a godly man. How important it is!! Thanks for sharing your Dad!!

    • Debra, I certainly realize that I am very blessed. We all have challenges in life to overcome, but God chose to surround me with Godly men. For that I will always be grateful. And I will pray for your relationships and the hearts of your father and husband. There is nothing too big for him.

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