4th With The Fam

Well, actually it was July 2nd and it wasn’t the whole family, but you get the picture.  My family uses many excuses to gather and this was no exception.  Actually, this particular gathering was initially in honor of cousins who were visiting from out of town.  When their plans changed, we decided to party anyway and make it a celebration of Independence Day – complete with fireworks in the driveway.  My kids just love fireworks, as most kids do, so they had a great time.

I’m very thankful for my family and although we were not all there, I very much enjoyed my time with them.

Monnie-Moo, Aunt Jill, June & Glen, Jean & Nelson (not pictured because their loser daughter never got the shot are Jane & Troy, my wonderful parents).

070209_4th of July_1201  070209_4th of July_1219  

070209_4th of July_1231  

070209_4th of July_1239     070209_4th of July_1238  

Sparkler fun… I’m a bit worried about how persistent Jacob was about setting something on fire.  Of note, he did not succeed.  Joseph picked up 2 sparkles, made a horrible face when I tried to snap his picture and transitioned to “helper” role, lighting the magical sticks for the little ones.  Unfortunately, on this particular occasion, none of the cousins his age were in attendance.

070209_4th of July_1216  070209_4th of July_1221  

070209_4th of July_1208 070209_4th of July_1211

070209_4th of July_1217  070209_4th of July_1223  

070209_4th of July_1213   070209_4th of July_1290

On to the main show.  Brad was the Fireworks Master and did a wonderful job balancing having small children rushing ground zero and keeping them all safe.  Unfortunately, he did not visit the Boom Boom Ladies for the entertaining explosives.  He took the cheap way out and headed to Sam’s (thank you, honey).  They were perfect and the kids were in heaven!

070209_4th of July_1240  070209_4th of July_1244

070209_4th of July_1280

  070209_4th of July_1261  070209_4th of July_1283  070209_4th of July_1257             

070209_4th of July_1289

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